Welcome To The Neighborhood

Here’s my first fantasy coloring book! If you like fairy houses this might be the coloring book for you. You can create your own fairy neighborhood. There are 17 little houses to choose from but why choose you can color them all! You can buy the full version on ETSY.


Download “Welcome to the Neighborhood” from ETSY






Get a Free copy if you write a review!

If you’d like to write a review of the coloring book for your blog or Facebook page or just share some of your work I’ll send you a link so you can have it for FREE!





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3D Letters!

This is my first 3D test print of the ribbon letters. A little rough but that’s the point of a test. Still trying to think of a better type name for it.


I’m thinking of making them ornaments, heat pads or just something fun to hang up that would have your initials. If I can find a material that’s heat resistant would you use it as a heat pad? I think these letters will look pretty cool in metal too!

You can find the 2D version here! Ribbon Letters

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Use these Doodle Feathers as a starter drawing!

Fill in your own colorful patterns and shapes with these line drawings of feathers.

Need some inspiration for drawing patterns and shapes. Draw your patterns and shapes here in the feathers. Color them any way you like. Cut them out and make a collage of your creations!

Please share whatever you create to help inspire others.

You can purchase the 11 page sample version which entitles you to the final final version when released. Which will have over 25 feathers to choose from. Every purchase from my website insures you’ll receive any upgrades as new pages get added to any books.





Doodle Feather 04 459.77 KB 58 downloads

Doodle Feather is a frame for all your doodles, shapes and patterns you can fit into...



Doodle Feather 06 541.06 KB 42 downloads

Doodle Feather is a frame for all your doodles, shapes and patterns you can fit into...



Doodle Feather 08 399.41 KB 49 downloads

Doodle Feather is a frame for all your doodles, shapes and patterns you can fit into...

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Alpha Byte Rough Draft

Here is a rough draft of a lettering coloring book I’m working on. I say rough draft because I’m working on a version with much cleaner lines. Also there are a few letters I’m not quite happy just yet design wise. But in the second release that will all be cleaned up and perfect.

You can download the 5 letters above for free.


The Letter A 896.56 KB 61 downloads

The letter A Ribbon lettering. Color and shade the way YOU want! ...


The Letter G 997.94 KB 51 downloads

The letter G Ribbon lettering. Color and shade the way YOU want! ...


The letter S 1.84 MB 58 downloads

The letter S Ribbon lettering. Color and shade the way YOU want! ...


The Letter R 861.35 KB 51 downloads

The letter R Ribbon lettering. Color and shade the way YOU want! ...


The Letter Z 801.95 KB 37 downloads

The letter Z Ribbon lettering. Color and shade the way YOU want! ...

I wanted to put it out there and get some feedback. My whole drawing life I’ve drawn letters like this or when I’ve drawn letters I’ve turned them in to ribbons of some sort. I’ve always enjoyed shading them and getting a nice flow of shading and lighting to the curves of the ribbons.

You can buy the full rough draft book that has all 26 letters. Right now it’s half price of .99 The final version will be $1.99 As with all of my product as I update things you can always re-download my projects and get the latest version. I say this because after I do the capital letters I’ll do the lower case and add them to this coloring book when they are ready.

Letters A though Z


I hope you enjoy these. Let me know what you think or would like the see in the final version. I want to make something everyone enjoys coloring.

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Working on the Fairy Neighborhood

I’m on a roll sketching the Fairy houses so I’ll be making a coloring book out of these too!

Feel free to help me out and let me know what makes a good fairy village.








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Free Fairy House Download


Ever since Tinkerbell I’ve kind of liked Fairies. I see a lot of fairy gardens popping up. So I thought maybe I better start my own little village. Here’s my first house.


Mushroom Fairy house 1.08 MB 99 downloads

My first color page of a fairy house. ...


What do you think makes a good fairy house? I have my own ideas but I’d love to hear yours!

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Doodle Garage Preview

Here’s a quick preview of all the cars I’m working on for the full Doodle Garage coloring book.  Sure there are some spaceships in the book but that’s what Colorbook4nerdlings is all about!  Except some of these spaceships will have wheels!  The final book will have over 50 cars in it.

Don’t forget you can download my preview Doodle Garage HERE!



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Doodle Garage Printables



Doodle Garage Sample Hot Rods 3.34 MB 243 downloads

Free hot rod coloring pages called doodle garage....

I’ve always liked cars ever since my Pops took me to World of Wheels when I was a kid.  If you think you think about it, it’s not that far removed from Star Wars and the souped up spaceships you’d find in a galaxy far far away.  So here you go 5 sample pages you can download and color.  Feel free to add flames or something.  Can’t wait to see what colors you all pick!

I’m filling a sketch book full of crazy cars and trucks and some kind of far out vehicles that might have a sci-fi twist.

Anyway let me know what you think and always feel free to share your coloring pages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use #CB4N to make it easy for me to find.

Print Print Print Print Print


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New Colorpage Book

I’m giving this away because it’s kind of doing well at the Coffee shop I put it in.  I tried something new and added some non-sci-fi art.  Guess what I don’t always sit around and draw spaceships.  Sometimes you have to change it up but I did include some retro spaceships!  Did you really think I wouldn’t?

Alright please let me know what you think of these.  If you “LIKE” and “SHARE” that means I’ll make more of them.


Colorpages 5.24 MB 168 downloads

Download this free 11 page coloring book.  It contains rocketships, cartoon fish,...

colorpages__0011_Toucancolorpages__0008_happy fishcolorpages__0006_buddy fishcolorpages__0010_pirate shipcolorpages__0002_orbit

colorpages__0007_bird bird


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Start your Color Club!

I set up a color station at my favorite local coffee shop (The Corner House) in Lombard, IL.  Let me know if you’d like a colorstation for your local coffee shop or bakery!  Or are you starting a Color Club if so I can send you some of my coloring pages.  Maybe I can make something special for your group.





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