Doodle Garage is finally ready to roll out!

50 Pages of Custom Car Coloring Pages!


Yup all 50 cars are ready to be colored in!  Let me know what you think.  Cars, Trucks, Vans, oh and a few spaceships…  But they are hot-rod kind of spaceships!

Doodle Garage is available at my Etsy Store for $1.99

When I was a kid not only did I draw spaceships I drew cars.  My Dad took me to the “World of Wheels” every year.  Man talk about inspiring!  It was!  Let me tell you that’s true craftsmanship and artistry.  When I’m not watching a sci-fi shows I’m watching the Velocity Channel.  I could watch Chip Foose draw cars for hours.  Kindig-it Designs is also a show to watch.  I love how all these guys can take a giant hunk of metal and pound it in to a new shape and totally change the character of it.

“Doodle Garage” is my little homage to all those times and Thanks Dad for taking me to all those car shows.  I hope you know I always enjoyed it and I was also inspired by all those good times together.

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Welcome To The Neighborhood

Here’s my first fantasy coloring book! If you like fairy houses this might be the coloring book for you. You can create your own fairy neighborhood. There are 17 little houses to choose from but why choose you can color them all! You can buy the full version on ETSY.


Download “Welcome to the Neighborhood” from ETSY






Get a Free copy if you write a review!

If you’d like to write a review of the coloring book for your blog or Facebook page or just share some of your work I’ll send you a link so you can have it for FREE!





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3D Letters!

This is my first 3D test print of the ribbon letters. A little rough but that’s the point of a test. Still trying to think of a better type name for it.


I’m thinking of making them ornaments, heat pads or just something fun to hang up that would have your initials. If I can find a material that’s heat resistant would you use it as a heat pad? I think these letters will look pretty cool in metal too!

You can find the 2D version here! Ribbon Letters

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Use these Doodle Feathers as a starter drawing!

Fill in your own colorful patterns and shapes with these line drawings of feathers.

Need some inspiration for drawing patterns and shapes. Draw your patterns and shapes here in the feathers. Color them any way you like. Cut them out and make a collage of your creations!

Please share whatever you create to help inspire others.

You can purchase the 11 page sample version which entitles you to the final final version when released. Which will have over 25 feathers to choose from. Every purchase from my website insures you’ll receive any upgrades as new pages get added to any books.





Doodle Feather 04 459.77 KB 235 downloads

Doodle Feather is a frame for all your doodles, shapes and patterns you can fit into...



Doodle Feather 06 541.06 KB 174 downloads

Doodle Feather is a frame for all your doodles, shapes and patterns you can fit into...



Doodle Feather 08 399.41 KB 217 downloads

Doodle Feather is a frame for all your doodles, shapes and patterns you can fit into...

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