Cut Out Paper Projects

Here’s a sneak peak at some new paper projects I’m working.  I’ll be posting a sample pages soon you can download.

 It’s 3D paper spaceships and name cards!



The place cards you can use for parties and so you can have a seating arrangement.  Leave them as they are are color them in.  Maybe get the kids involved to help you cut them out.  You could have them write their own names in the screens.




3D Rocket Ships!

I’m also working on some 3D Rocket Ship designs.  They’ll come with paper engines you can wrap around cardboard toilet paper tubes.  To give the ships a little added dimension.



You can put the handle on the top and hang them from the ceiling!  Or use the landing gear so they can stand upright.

cutout_04 cutout_05

Here’s a better image of the rockets wrapped a round the cardboard tubes.







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12 Free Sticker Printable Template


Does your Nerdling like Stickers? Here’s a 2 page download full of Sci-Fi stickers.

You can right click on these images and save them or you can download the file free PDF.

If you need more you can buy my 108 Sticker version!

colorbook_stickers_000 store_thumb



cb_divider colorbook_stickers_sample_002



I recommend these Avery products to print your stickers! Click on the links to order them.  Soon I’ll offer them already printed!



AVERY 3 1/3 x 4 inch  White Shipping Labels
Product No.  5264



AVERY  Sticker Project Paper
Product No.   3383


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8 Free Robot Halloween Masks


Just in time for Halloween 8 free robot makes you can download, color and cut out.

Have a fun and save Halloween!

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Retro Rockets!



I’m working on a new book.  This is 5 pages of retro looking rocket ships.  Perfect for the younger nerdlings.  Simple lines and simple shapes.  I drew these rockets with Paper by 53 what a great little iPad app!


Photo Sep 04, 9 55 17 AM


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Oh boy Rayguns



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LightDrive an iPad painting

Sometimes when I’m sitting in an airport, or at lunch or watching my favorite show. I might do a little doodle on my iPad.  I’ll start putting my finished works on the blog, let me know what you think!

This one is called:





Click Below to buy a Canvas version of this picture.

Colorbook4Nerdlings InstaCanvas Page

Almost any size you want!


If you like you can always right click and save it so you can print it off or if you want a nice canvas version you can go to page and choose a format you might like better.

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Room with a view or should I say spaceship!


Try this out!  It’s only 20 pages but your little nerdling can print these out put them on cardboard to make a big version of a cockpit so they can pretend to pilot their own spaceships.

Download the Printable file.

Download237 downloads

What I’d really like to know does your Nerdling like the nice smooth line or the hand drawn look?






Oh here’s another tip!  Download some of my FREE Colorobooks and you can print out instrument panels and planets to give it that real spaceship feel!


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Giant Rockets


Look my dog Holly is trying to count how many pages there are.  Well there’s 24!

That’s almost 6 feet tall!


You can now download a sample of  my latest colorbook project.

Giant rockets!

I’m still working on this book but let me know what you like about it.  Let me know if they are to large.  Also how many crayons did you use?  How big do you want these rockets?  Because I can make them BIG!


This is the rocket!





This is the cockpit for the rocket.



There’s room for sticking control panel stickers on so you can really pretend your flying a ship.  Heck you can even cut out some planets and fly to another planet.  Hummmm, would you want me to make some larger planets too?   Please share this page with your friends.



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Retro Spaceships


Found these cool retro spaceships at World Market. They have 4 different kinds I picked up these 2.


Now I can take them out of the Package!

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Colorbook Wants You





Help me test out my new colorbooks!

That’s right Colorbook4Nerdlings wants you!  Wants you to help try out new coloring books I come up with.  I always have new projects or ideas I’m working on.   If you want your little nerdling to have first access to my test projects before I turn them in to full coloring books.

If you’d like to join just fill out this form below.


Join the Tester Club!

If you choose to take these assignments I’ll send you the above badge as a gift.  You can even wear it when you’re colorbooking.

In the hopes of making a better colorbook I hope to also get some feedback on how the nerdling like projects and maybe some photos of them testing it out for the gallery.

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