Giant Rockets

Posted by on July 14, 2013

Look my dog Holly is trying to count how many pages there are.  Well there’s 24!

That’s almost 6 feet tall!


You can now download a sample of  my latest colorbook project.

Giant rockets!

Download & Print Space Rockets and UFOs!

colorbook_free_blog_rock01.pdf 2.02 MB 576 downloads


I’m still working on this book but let me know what you like about it.  Let me know if they are to large.  Also how many crayons did you use?  How big do you want these rockets?  Because I can make them BIG!


This is the rocket!





This is the cockpit for the rocket.



There’s room for sticking control panel stickers on so you can really pretend your flying a ship.  Heck you can even cut out some planets and fly to another planet.  Hummmm, would you want me to make some larger planets too?   Please share this page with your friends.



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