Letter Town


UPDATE! I just added numbers to the town!


Hey Letter shaped little fairy house. Color your way though the alphabet!

UPDATE! I just added numbers to the town!

Numbers 0-9 have been added so you can create your favorite number sequence!

It all started with the letter “H” While I was making my other coloring book, “Welcome to the neighborhood” I realized one building looked like the letter “H”. So I thought I better make the rest of the letters.

SECOND DRAFT is now online!!!!!!

If you already made a purchase please redownload to get the numbers!

What does that mean?

I wanted to get this coloring book out so you can start coloring but an upgrade is on the way! I’m adding NUMBERS and some other features like blank house, windows, doors and other fun things so you can make your own house and color it in.

As I add the new art I’ll up date the file and if you buy it! You’ll always be able to download it and get the latest and great until I reach the final draft.

Along the way if you have ideas and feedback. Please share it! I might just add it to the book!


This is a downloadable file. You have to print it. But the best thing about that is you can print it as many times as you’d like. Print many of the letters several times to spell out words!

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