Here’s a sneak peak at some new paper projects I’m working.  I’ll be posting a sample pages soon you can download.

 It’s 3D paper spaceships and name cards!



The place cards you can use for parties and so you can have a seating arrangement.  Leave them as they are are color them in.  Maybe get the kids involved to help you cut them out.  You could have them write their own names in the screens.




3D Rocket Ships!

I’m also working on some 3D Rocket Ship designs.  They’ll come with paper engines you can wrap around cardboard toilet paper tubes.  To give the ships a little added dimension.



You can put the handle on the top and hang them from the ceiling!  Or use the landing gear so they can stand upright.

cutout_04 cutout_05

Here’s a better image of the rockets wrapped a round the cardboard tubes.







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