Here’s some name tags for seating arrangements at your next formal nerd party.  Print out what you want as usual.

Download the File HERE!

Free Name Robot Name Cards

Free Name Robot Name Cards 1.77 MB 739 downloads

Free Name Robot Name Cards you can use at any Sci-Fi party so you can keep all the...




There’s two kinds of robots.  In several different colors even black and white so you can make them whatever color you want.



They don’t take long to cut out but you can make simple if you like.



I fold them in half so they’ll stand all by themselves.




Then use any kind of marker or pen you want to write in the names.



I’m working on a full set with many different robots.  So  your nerdling can find their favorite one.  I’ll make that available for purchase soon.  But in the mean time you can use these to get your party started.

As always thank you for downloading my work and sharing it with your family and friends.  If this helped make your party better please leave a comment.   Also if you have any suggestions let me know.  I want to make it fun for everyone!

Thanks again for downloading!

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