I was so glad to see my first batch of cards show up the other day.  I made a concentration card game for kids called “Memory Bank”.  Get it I’m trying to be all Nerdling.  I ordered 30 decks, I’m still working out some details but I’m ready to offer them up in the store.

You can play the whole 54 card deck or split them in to three groups of Robot, Rocketships and Aliens.  The 3 different categories are color coded to make a little easier to play the full deck.  If you just play one group you can play fast games and change up the categories to increase the skill level.

I have some to give away!

So if you want to give them to your little Nerdling. I’d be happy to send you one if you can give me a review, a comment or photos of everyone playing “Memory Bank”. That would really help a lot!





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