Would you like a whole street of fairy houses arranged to spell your child’s name?

It can be a name, any word, your last name, favorite phrase or saying it’s up to you. Anything that has letters and or numbers!

Here are the options.

2 Sizes available

2 feet wide OR 3 feet wide.
(Height sizes will vary depending on letter amounts and sizes. Minimum size should be around 12 inches tall.)

You’ll get 2 copies of the printed version
A PDF in case you’d like to print more or just want to print them out on your personal printer.

Up to 7 letters are included in the $15 2 (2 feet 24 inches wide) or $20 (3 feet 36 inches wide) price options.

After 7 letters it’s 1 dollar per extra letter.

When placing the order please include the name, word or phrase you’d like built. You can use the “Note from Buyer” and add a message to the seller when placing your order. A proof will be sent to you before printing.

Currently I am only using the 2 letter sets I’ve created. You can choose which one when you send me the message.

You can find the sample letters here.
Set 1: Fairy House Letters

Set 2: Spaceship Letter


Please visit my Etsy Page to order your giant color page