Working on the Fairy Neighborhood

I’m on a roll sketching the Fairy houses so I’ll be making a coloring book out of these too!

Feel free to help me out and let me know what makes a good fairy village.








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Free Fairy House Download

Ever since Tinkerbell I’ve kind of liked Fairies. I see a lot of fairy gardens popping up. So I thought maybe I better start my own little village. Here’s my first house.


Mushroom Fairy house 1.08 MB 738 downloads

My first color page of a fairy house. ...


What do you think makes a good fairy house? I have my own ideas but I’d love to hear yours!

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Doodle Garage Preview

Here’s a quick preview of all the cars I’m working on for the full Doodle Garage coloring book.  Sure there are some spaceships in the book but that’s what Colorbook4nerdlings is all about!  Except some of these spaceships will have wheels!  The final book will have over 50 cars in it.

Don’t forget you can download my preview Doodle Garage HERE!



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Doodle Garage Printables



Doodle Garage Sample Hot Rods 3.34 MB 677 downloads

Free hot rod coloring pages called doodle garage....

I’ve always liked cars ever since my Pops took me to World of Wheels when I was a kid.  If you think you think about it, it’s not that far removed from Star Wars and the souped up spaceships you’d find in a galaxy far far away.  So here you go 5 sample pages you can download and color.  Feel free to add flames or something.  Can’t wait to see what colors you all pick!

I’m filling a sketch book full of crazy cars and trucks and some kind of far out vehicles that might have a sci-fi twist.

Anyway let me know what you think and always feel free to share your coloring pages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and use #CB4N to make it easy for me to find.

Print Print Print Print Print


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