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108 Sci-Fi Stickers Vol 01


108 sci-fi themed stickers. Print 6 to a sheet on most template sticker sheets that are 3 1/3 × 4 inches. Download, Print, Color, and Stick!

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Do your KIDS love Stickers? Print these!

Download, Print and Stick!

Want to make your little nerdling feel special at lunchtime? Looking for a unique classroom reward sticker? Look no further than this set of 108 sci-fi themed stickers that you can color! The set includes my original drawings of rockets, spaceships, robot heads, and more. A great way to add some sci-fi to your classroom or your kid’s lunch.

How to Use Them
-Just download, print, color, and stick.
-These stickers are designed to work on most template sticker sheets that are 3 1/3 × 4 inches. They print 6 to a sheet.
-Stick them on a sandwich bag or a paper lunch bag. Toss in a couple of crayons or colored pencils to let your kid doodle at lunch. If you used a new sticker every day, you’d have enough for 108 days!
-Cut them apart and add them to your teacher rewards bin, or stick them on an assignment for a job well done!

What’s Included With Your Download:
-File Type: 1 downloadable PDF file
-Pages: 21 pages
3 Pages - Title and promo pages
18 Pages – 108 spaceships and robots
-Works with Avery Paper Products 18664, 5264, 3383 or any sticker sheet with 6 stickers per page.
-Sticker size is 3 1/3 × 4 inches. 
-Print Type: B/W – Black line drawings.
-Paper size: Formatted for 8 1/2 × 11 inches


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