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Super Deluxe Control Panels


Full-color control panels. Ready to print on 8 1/2 × 11 paper. Small gauges, dials, switches, keypads, trackballs and lots more. Download and print!

2 Different Looks

Every great spaceship needs a great control panel! You can used all these gauges and dials to make the control of your spaceship or sci-fi gear.

These are full color sheets that are even easier to use that my black and gray version. There are 2 versions to choose from. Gray and Black. Grey might used less black ink but the black version will look even more real.

There are full pages panels you can use as it or cut in half to mix them up however you want.

Wall Panels

NEW! You'll also get wall panels. Use them like wall paper to cover the inside of your cockpit. They will make the inside of your ship look real!

Here’s some ideas:

-Glue them to a shoe box or big piece of cardboard.
-Use them in big box to build a transport tube or time machine.
-Print them on magnetic paper and put them on the refrigerator.
-Print at a bunch of pages to make your control room look really complicated.

Build your imaginary spaceships that you fly any where or any when! Who knows what you build out of your control panels? It’s up to you.

53 Pages!  Print as many as you need!

You'll get 4 downloadable files containing 53 Pages of control Panels!

Gray Panels 12 Pages of mini gauges and 9 Pages of full page like screens and keyboards
Dark Panels 12 Pages of mini gauges and 9 Pages of full page like screens and keyboards
Wall Panels 8 Pages of panels to paper you walls to make your cockpit even better! Also 3 Pages of mounting strips.  The strips looks like different types of screws like you'd see on the outside of spaceship.  You can cut them into strip and make seems in your ship.

Printable on 8 1/2 by 11

I recommend printing on a full sheet 8.5 x 11 Both sample are a full sheet and easy to cut out by hand. Or you can make big


Gray Panels, Black Panels and Wall Panels!



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