Rocket Ship ABC-123

ABC-123 Rocket ship Letter Coloring Book.

Here’s my 2nd ABC-123 coloring book! This time all the letters and numbers are shaped like spaceships.  So have a great time exploring the galaxy with color, Thank you for checking out my store and Enjoy!

From rough Drawings to Finals

I started sketching these are an art fair I was doing outside my local Dick Blick!  I had just finished my Fairy House coloring book and thought I should get back to my favorite thing, Spaceships!  That day I made all the way to “Z”.  Now I know why artists work while they are at an art show.  

After I finished all my doodles I scanned them in and printed out larger versions.  So I could do a clean line drawing of all the letters and numbers.  This was the last book I’ll do like that.  Now I do them all on my iPad Pro.

Well I still doodle the roughs on paper.  I’m a bit old school sometimes.

After I finished all the new drawings I made a version you can download or a fully printed version you can buy on Amazon if you don’t want to bother with printing.

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