Super Deluxe Control Panels

by | Nov 25, 2019

Super Deluxe Control Panels

I wanted to take my old control panels to the next level and make something that would look real at first glance.  So now you can make the control panels on your spaceship look fantastic.  There way more here than what was in my last control panel pack.

2 Tones To Choose From

The control panel set include a gray and black gauges. You can stick with one set or mix them up. I made a gray set in hope it would use less black in. Let me know if it works.

Wall Panels

Wall panels are no cut panels. Just print and stick them to the wall. These will help give you spaceship a real feel. You could even use the window as a template to cut a hole in the cardboard so you can see out!

Mounting Strips

Print and cut the strips. You can place them end for end give the inside an outside of a true plating look.

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