1. Print out as many pages a you want and build your own fleet.

2. Print out on magnetic sheets. Then you can put your ships on the refrigerator or other metal surfaces.

3. Use a Sharpie Metallic pen for a metal look on the spaceships!

4. Print on different color construction paper.

5. Trace the drawings so you can learn how to draw your own spaceships.

6. Make a collage of spaceship parts to make your own special ships.

7. Building some control panels? Get some Full Page Labels so all you have to do is cut them out and stick them to a box.

8.  You can also use the magnetic sheets for the control panels so you can organize your controls anyway you want too.  You can use any metal surface, refrigerator, file cabinet or a metal door.

9. Don’t forget to share your sci-fi creations.  Go to the SHARE page and send me an email!