What’s a Nerdling

by | Jun 2, 2012

nerd (n??d)

— n
1. a young person fascinated by or obsessed with cool sci-fi stuff.
2. a recently admitted lover of all things sci-fi.


 The young nerdling (pictured above) was before his time.

If your a kid of any age that loves sci-fi stuff well you’re a nerdling. As you can see from all the books I spend a lot of time doodling spaceships along with a few other nutty ideas. So I thought I would take those doodles and turn them into to something someone else might like to see. Ever since Star Wars I was able to define what it was I liked about science fiction. The imagination that goes into it is the fun part.

I hope you share these books with kids or anyone you know that might like sci-fi. When I was a kid I don’t remember to many books let alone coloring books that had themes that could take me to other worlds. There might have been the rare book that would have NASA rockets and probes but that wasn’t taking to far away from my home world.

Now go out there and make something cool!


A little bit about me…



When I was a kid growing up I was heavily influenced by Star Wars and at a very early age and it made me realize I can go to the stars by just using a piece of paper and colors.  But when I was growing up there were very few coloring books or art books that helped me develop my imagination.  I know even back then I wish there could have been some coloring books for all that cool stuff I saw flying off movie screens.

My hope is here that you or your kids will have fun coloring in my doodles and ideas about life in the cosmos.  Check out my tips page to figure out new ways you can use these books.  I’m also building a gallery of your artwork I want to see what you com up with so you can send them to by going to the SHARE page.  Remember if you downloaded the PDF you can print it as many times as you like and really have fun experimenting.